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What is the 10,10,10 warranty?

 It made perfect sense to partner with the Gamecocks when we started servicing our Columbia, SC customers. We could also play off the wording of the 10 in our warranty package. Hospitality Heating and Air became the Gamecock's First Down Sponsor and we tied it into our 10,10,10 year warranty.

 10 Yards, 10 Years, Get it?   We call it the 1st Down 10,10,10!  

Simply put, the 10,10,10 is a 10-year warranty on new installations of American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning systems.The warranty includes Parts, Labor and Service.

Let's look at the Service Part of this warranty: You will receive 20 Professional Tune-ups over 10 years. 2 cleanings a year for 10 years. That also means you automatically become a Pineapple Service Member!

No company gives away a warranty package like this on their systems. And again, we have been doing this for years on Installations of American Standard Air Systems.

The Gamecock Sponsorship and the tie-in to our 10,10,10

We have been offering our 10,10,10 warranty for years now, and our customers are delighted in knowing Hospitality Heating and Air stands behind our work.

Our 10,10,10 warranty is causing quite a stir!