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230 Ermine Rd. W. Columbia, SC 29170

Servicing the Rock Hill, Columbia, Chester and Lancaster areas of South Carolina.

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Security Systems, Who needs them?

Say Bye, Bye to expensive security systems. You can know everything going on in your home at any given time!

How does $9.99 a month sound, with ZERO contract commitments? Monitoring capabilities for every nook and cranny.

Diagnostics to help determine any issues your system may be having. We get the alerts when there is something not quite right going on with your system. That, in turn, helps us see the error codes, so we bring the right tools necessary to fix the problem the first time out!

​2017 is the year for All Things in Real Time.

On the Go, In the Know, and In Control!

Features include:

  • Thermostats
  • Smoke/CO Detector
  • Garage Door
  • Inside Cameras
  • Outside Cameras
  • Locks
  • Motion Sensors for Doors and Windows
  • Lighting and Appliance Modules
  • Diagnostic Features

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Control Your Home Wherever, Whenever and Easily

Home Intelligence is Here- NEXIA!

Give yourself complete control with Nexia™ Home Intelligence. It helps you stay connected to your home and the people and possessions you hold dear- ALL from a single app.

How about unlocking your front door when you are driving down your street from the grocery store. Take a look at what the cat is getting into during the day. Know your kids are home safe and sound from school.

You can even pair the Nexia to take your Home Automation to a next level with the Echo!
-Turn lights on or off with simple commands such as, “Alexa, turn on the front porch light.”
-Adjust the thermostat by saying, “Alexa, lower the temperature two degrees” or “Alexa, set the heat at 68 degrees.”
-Set custom lighting settings such as, “Alexa, set the dining room light to 50 percent.”
-Activate small appliances using a plug-in module such as, “Alexa, turn on the coffee pot.”

We will be happy to talk about the next wave of home technology that is easy to use and easy to maintain.