Limited time price on our One Time Cleaning: $109 and only Tune Up Features apply. You must be a Pineapple Service Member to Receive the Benefits listed.

Annual Pineapple Agreement Pricing: Both Feature and Benefits Apply

  • 1 System- Annual: $169 or $14 Monthly
  • 2 Systems- Annual: $268 or $22 Monthly 
  • 3 Systems- Annual: $367 or $31 Monthly
  • 4 Systems- Annual: $466 or $39 Monthly

Call and Inquire for Commercial Service Package Pricing.


Benefits of our Service Program

  • No Service Call Fees
  • $100 Rebate (on new equipment)
  • No Overtime Charges on Repairs (This Eliminates any Additional Fees)
  • 15% Discount on Service Repairs
  • Priority Customer (Guarantees you same day service each consecutive year of membership)
  • Transferable Agreement (This agreement can be transferred to a new address if you decide to move but is Non-refundable.)    If you decide to keep the agreement at the original property address, the buyer, after closing, has 30 days to switch any and all warranties over to their name. 

956 E. Black St. Rock Hill, SC 29730

230 Ermine Rd. W. Columbia, SC 29170

Servicing the Rock Hill, Columbia, Chester and Lancaster areas of South Carolina.

+1.8039804677 Rock Hill

+1.8037147272 Columbia

Tune Up Features

If you sign up as a Pineapple Member you will receive the following twice, annually:

  • Indoor Cooling Assessment
  • Clean or Replace Filters (customer supplies)
  • Check and Adjust Fan Belt
  • Check, Start and Run Relays
  • Clean and Adjust Burners
  • Measure Gas Input
  • Evaluate Safety Controls
  • Tighten Electrical Connectors
  • Adjust By-Pass Damper
  • Outdoor Cooling and Coil Cleaning
  • Check Refrigerant Level (Freon)
  • If your system is low on freon, we will perform a leak search free of charge.
  • Lubricate Fan Motors
  • Set Burner Adjustment
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Test and Clean Thermocouple
  • Evaluate Duct Work
  • Inspect Refrigerant Service Valves
  • Monitor Refrigerant Service Valves
  • Measure Amp Draw of Motors
  • Evaporator Drain Cleaning
  • Check Thermostat Calibration
  • Check Start and Run Capacitors
  • Measure Voltage Differences
  • Set Manifold Gas Pressure
  • Measure Temperature Differences

Pineapple Service Agreement and One Time Tune Ups

Having your System(s) properly maintained could add years to the life of your system(s).

To receive the maximum life out of your system(s), it is best to make sure you have two inspections per year. The Pineapple Service Agreement is our Preventative Maintenance Program.

Routine maintenance on a system, in some cases, will catch and correct issues before they happen. Hospitality Heating and Air Conditioning offers a comprehensive service agreement that is vital to your system's health while allowing you to choose between our Annual or Monthly payment plans.

Hospitality offers Preventative Maintenance Tune-ups with Professional Cleanings twice a year by our friendly and knowledgeable technicians.  Once before the warmer months and once before the cooler months.

When you sign up, you become our priority! You will receive discounts on parts, repair, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.