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The York Brand, created over 140 years ago, was the company to install air-condition in an office building. York equipment is not only used in the United State but overseas as well because of its quality. The York brand has stood the test of time, to say the least. Their goal has been to created high-quality systems at affordable prices to their customers and Hospitality Heating and Air wants to offer that as well on everything offer. That is why we are now a Certified York Dealer!

We offer York equipment including their Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, Gas Packs, Furnaces, Air Handlers, and much more. Above you can click on the listed types of equipment and go straight to the York site to learn more about a specific piece of equipment. You can always call us and a skilled technician can answer your questions as well.

Hospitality Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. support the highest quality products and service for the customers in our service areas. York manufactures high-efficiency products, they have reduced outdoor operating sound levels, they offer space-efficient systems and easy panel access to easily clean the system.

Fun Fact: Did you know York products are used to heat and cool some famous buildings across the world? A few of those include the Empire State Building, The U.S. Capitol Building, and The Sydney Opera House.

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